More Human Remains Found Near Eldora Ski Resort, CO on Saturday

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The boot found with a human foot in it on June 2nd.
The boot found with a human foot in it on June 2nd.

Just over a month after a human foot was found in a snow boot in the Eldora ski resort, CO parking lot, more human remains were found near the ski resort on Saturday.

The latest human remains were found by a trail runner.  The remains were scattered over a small area.  It’s believed the deceased person was camping in the area when he/she died.

The original snow boot with the foot in it was found by an Eldora employee who was cleaning up the parking lot on June 2nd, 2016.  The boot was a left Rugged Outback “Apex Leather” snow boot, size 13.  The right boot was found along with the human remains that were discovered on Saturday.

Eldora ski resort, CO
Eldora ski resort, CO

It’s unclean how long these remains have been in the area, but official guess that they’ve been there a few months.

Investigators are working to identify the body.  

The do not believe the remains belong to Eldora employee Ryder Johnson, who went missing in January 2016.


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