Fewer Flights Will Mean More Locals On Aspen, CO Slopes In 2020-21

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brown mountain under blue sky during daytime
A picturesque view of Aspen Highlands, one of 4 legendary Aspen Ski Mountains. Unsplash

Delta Airlines has decided not to service Aspen/Pitkin County Airport for the upcoming winter season. The decision was influenced by multiple factors, including uncertainty surrounding this ski season. Two flights per day between SLC and Aspen were planned for the summer before one got cut when the pandemic struck in late March. Delta has also cut service to Yampa Valley Regional Airport (Steamboat) and Montrose Regional Airport (Telluride) for the winter season. United and American Airlines, both will continue service to Aspen/Pitkin County Airport for the 2020-21 winter season.

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A CRJ-700 in flight, with landing gear deployed. Unsplash

One reason for the service interruption comes from a systematic replacement by a more efficient and larger aircraft. Delta Airlines is in the process of taking their remaining CRJ-700’s out of service, reassigning them to other airlines, or parking them permanently. This will assist the airline to cut costs with looming uncertainty around winter 2020-21. Maria Moraitakis, a spokesperson for Delta Airlines, had this to say. “We continue to adjust our flight schedules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions, and customer demand, and we have not yet announced a decision as to when we will bring back service to Aspen/Pitkin Airport. However, she said Delta remains committed over the long-term to the Aspen market.”

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One of Aspen’s various gondolas. Unsplash

Pitkin County, who owns the Airport, has a sizeable renovation plan for the airport. The plans include widening runways to allow for larger planes to have access to the airport. So that newer, more efficient, and higher capacity planes could be introduced to the airport. This would in turn expand flexibility for flight schedules in the future. As for this season, Sorry Jerry, more locals.

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