More Than Just a Climber – Honnold and Company Embark on Massive Mt. Bike Ride Around Lake Tahoe, CA

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Lake Tahoe
Chris, Pablo, Alex, and Tommy. Photo credit: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold never ceases to impress and amaze with his incredible feats of athletic endeavor. Honnold is widely known in the climbing community (and now pop culture) for his vertical accomplishments like setting the speed record on the Nose of El Capitan, and for his debut of the anxiety-inducing film “Free Solo”.

Somewhere in near Photo credit: Alex Honnold

While Honnold still crushes in the vertical realm, as of late, he’s blossomed into a well-rounded multi-sport athlete. This summer alone, Honnold has SUP’d (stand up paddleboard) 21 miles across Lake Tahoe, invented and completed the brutal CDUL (Continental Divide Ultimate Linkup) in Rocky Mountain National Park, and still has had time to manage his nonprofit, the Honnold Foundation.

Mountain Bike
Photo credit: Alex Honnold

Most recently, Alex Honnold along with the likes of Chris McNamara, Pablo Durana, and Tommy Caldwell, mountain biked the entire perimeter of Lake Tahoe. Together, the team’s massive journey took about 16 hours as they traversed ~120 miles and climbed over 14 thousand feet of vertical.

STOKE! Photo credit: Alex Honnold

According to a post on social media, Honnold stated:We rode for a bit over 16 hours (very few breaks…) and generally enjoyed an epic outing. We got super lucky with air quality; the apocalyptic smoke mostly blew out for the day so we had beautiful views and easy breathing. Pretty cool to have an adventure like this house to house… “

Pretty cool indeed…

All in all, Honnold and company’s adventure is a testament to their awesome athletic ability and a source of envy to those (such as myself) who wish they could send as hard he does.

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