St. Moritz has the Most Expensive Estate in Switzerland For Sale Right Now – Only $185 million, Including Own Private Chairlift

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If you have a spare $185 million knocking about, then this property in St. Moritz could be the house for you.

Located in the ski resort of St. Moritz, Switzerland, this 60,000sq ft castle is currently the most expensive estate on sale in Switzerland right now.

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Modest looking from the outside, the majority of the seven floors are below ground. Credit: cnbc

Set on 7 levels, most of them below ground, every detail has been designed to make a billionaires jaw drop. From walls covered in 24 karat gold or floor to ceiling mink, and 35ft windows that frame the Swiss Alps, this is the ultimate in materialistic overindulgence.

The red velvet decorated library features a hidden button, which when pressed reveals a secret office (Bond villain anyone?). The breakfast area is shaped like a cracked egg and is decorated in gold, as is the walk-in closet in the master suite.

st moritz, alps, switzerland, millionaire, house, estate, castle, expensive
Beautiful panoramic views of the Alps. credit: cnbc

Hop on the elevator and go deep underground to discover the wellness floor, featuring a Himalayan salt room (whatever that is?!) with glowing rock walls, a Turkish bath that resembles a spaceship, and an underground pool the size of a lake.

And being in an exclusive ski resort, the property has it’s own ski room, complete with boot warmers and its own private chairlift to the slopes.

st moritz, switzerland, millionaire, house, estate, castle, expensive
$260,000 spinner so you don’t have to face the hardship of backing out. Credit: cnbc

And when it’s time to leave, no need to risk damaging your Bentley backing out, a $260,000 spinner will turn your car around for you.

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