VIDEO: Mount Bohemia TV is a Cool Documentary About a Unique Michigan Ski Resort

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Mount Bohemia TV is a documentary about a unique little ski area situated in the northernmost point of the U. P. of Michigan. It’s the snowiest place in the Midwest due to the Lake Superior lake effect phenomenon, this year alone they’ve received 330″.

Mount Bohemia might be the home of some of the best-gladed tree skiing in the entire US, and the cheapest season pass in the land at $99, and it’s definitely the epicenter of ski bum characters.

This cool show is an embracing of the dysfunction of such a place. Nothing is storied boarded or planned it’s a real chaotic mess and the editing is no walk in the park.

Previous episodes have featured the owner Lonie jumping through hoops to placate his ex-wife Lindsey’s biz demands, the ‘ABBA Bus’ that picks up skiers and shuttles them back to the base, and the adventures of ski patrol, customer’s ups and downs, lift attendants, the kitchen staff, the local ski bums.

The show is a unique behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics of what happens at this wacky powder playground. YouTube channelCheck out their for all previous, unmissable episodes!

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