Mount Everest: The New Hot Place To Get Your Cryptocurrency

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Everest Cryptocurrency
Some lucky yeti is going to get rich.  Photo: ASKfm 2.0 Youtube

With all the cool news out of Everest lately, here’s a really strange one.  It’s not uncommon at all for people to leave small mementos at the summit of Everest. Last week though, a group of Ukrainian climbers buried $50,000 in cryptocurrency at the top of the world, as if climbing Everest wasn’t expensive enough already.

Climbers Taras Pozdnii, Dmytro Semerenko, Roman Horodechnyyand, and Iryna Galay summited on May 14th via the South Col route, and allegedly buried their treasure upon arrival. The whole thing was an unusual publicity stunt for the social media platform ASKfm. With the Everest climbing season closing within a week or two, it seems unlikely the package will be found this year, or probably ever.

ASKfm is trying to launch their own cryptocurrency, ASKT, to pay their site users with. Along with the 50 grand that you have to climb Everest to find, they’re raffling off another 50 thousand in ASKT as part of a giveaway. I’ll take my chances on the raffle.

Everest Cryptocurrency
Hopefully he pocketed a few coins to pay for the hospital bill.   Photo: Taras Pozdnii

It wasn’t all fun and games for the team on their descent. Bad weather left Pozdnii and another climber with frost bite and snow blindness, needing to be airlifted out to a hospital in Kathmandu. Thankfully, it sounds as if the injuries are minor and both climbers should make full recoveries.

Stay tuned for the SnowBrains cryptocurrency launch when millions will be buried around Tahoe.

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