Mount Rose Ski Tahoe, NV Latest Resort to Mandate Employee Vaccinations | Steamboat, CO Considering It

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Mount Rose Ski Tahoe, NV, is the latest resort to require that employees be vaccinated for covid-19 ahead of the start of the 2021-22 winter season. Aspen Skiing Co. recently announced that they would be mandating their employees are vaccinated too.

“Our intention is to do everything we can to open and operate safely all season long, and that starts with requiring our employees to be vaccinated. We are confident that the wage increase and cost of living adjustment that will also go into effect this season will help us to both remain competitive as an employer, and attract and retain top talent across a variety of positions.”

– Mount Rose Ski Tahoe marketing director Mike Pierce

In the same announcement, Mount Rose also revealed that it has raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour for all positions that were previously below and will provide a five percent cost-of-living increase for year-round and full-time employees. Entry-level positions will now be paid well above the Nevada minimum wage of $9 per hour and above California’s $14 per hour minimum wage.

Another resort, Steamboat, CO, is currently considering mandating employee vaccinations. A resort spokesperson said they are waiting for the official order from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, reports the Steamboat Pilot.

“Steamboat Ski Resort leadership continues to discuss this topic daily. Our current policy is asking staff for proof of vaccination and requires staff who do not show proof to wear masks while working indoors.”

– Loryn Duke, the resort’s director of communications told the Steamboat Pilot

President Biden announced last week that employers with more than 100 employees must mandate vaccines or weekly covid tests.

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9 thoughts on “Mount Rose Ski Tahoe, NV Latest Resort to Mandate Employee Vaccinations | Steamboat, CO Considering It

  1. No I’m a business owner and I pay my own fair. I also pay the full boat for 32 employees and their families. You’re welcome young Wheezus.

    I work hard for a living and blow off steam poking fun at lazy clueless socialists like you.

    Do yourself a favor. Double down on your college debt. This time study something in STEM. Get a real job. Then look back on your pot smoking socialist days and thank God you listened to some Anonymous d-head cuz you’re making $100k/year and magically life is so much better.

  2. Anonymous discovers socialized healthcare? Where a bill doesn’t discourage people from going to the doctor before they’re on death’s door?

  3. What’s even more amazing is 80% of the deaths are from obese people and then 18% of the deaths are from old people.

    Funny how we can’t talk about the real culprit which is America is already really unhealthy and FAT. What is it so taboo to talk about personal health and wellness responsibilities? Unhealthy people is why Heart Disease always has been and always will be more deadly than COVID. Its time to start the conversation.

    I’m vaccinated. Definitely not getting a booster unless they hold a gun to my head.

    Also I know 2 fully vaccinated people under 40 years/old who had to go to the hospital. They’re both fat though and don’t exercise. Weird, what a correlation.

  4. Anonymous- Yeah, it’s like 1% of all covid patients in hospitals are vaccinated, that is amazing! Your dinner sounds smart and totally real.

  5. Its amazing how many ppl I know who were “vaccinated” who are still getting incredibly sick with Covid.
    Let’s all get 3rd and 4th boosters.
    Let the good times roll.

    PS I had dinner with an Infectious Disease Doctor family friend the other night and he said 100% COVID was a manmade genetically altered in Wuhan. Who knows whether it was intentionally or accidently leaked. But we all know who to blame.

  6. So glad. I heard the lifty variant will put you in couch lock with additional side effects from mixing PBR

  7. Yes, let’s boycott the family owned, mom and pop ski resort that’s looking out for the health and well being of its employees and community. All while raising their minimum wage to a somewhat livable standard and dealing with shrinking margins in order to compete with the ever expanding mega-resorts conglomerates that are killing the roots of the very sport itself. Mt Rose, the true enemy of the people! Speaking of Alterra and Vail, they’ll be requiring employees to be vaccinated as well, they just haven’t announced it yet. Enjoy not skiing anywhere because of your inability to comprehend the importance of taming this virus and ignoring the fact that vaccine mandates have been a regular occurrence in our schools, military, and all over the private sector for literally decades now. I love you.

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