Man Rescued After Getting Lost and Spending the Night on Snowy Mount Seymour, BC

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rescue, Mount Seymour, canada, British Columbia
The lost hiker was found in a dangerous location. Credit: North Shore Rescue

A man was rescued Sunday after spending the night lost on Mount Seymour, near Vancouver, BC. Rescuers found him standing in a creek by a waterfall at around 1,800-feet.

The man, who had been walking for over 24-hours, did suffer some lower leg injuries and mild hypothermia but was otherwise in good health.

Search and rescue crews received the 911 call at around 4:30 pm on Saturday, but before they could confirm his location, the call dropped.

“There was a 911 call to North Vancouver RCMP. A hiker said he was lost and by a creek, and his vehicle is located on the parking lot on Mount Seymour. His called dropped out, unfortunately, and we weren’t able to get a location on a cell phone.”

– Don Jardine, Search Manager

Rescuers said the man was inexperienced and was found in a pretty dangerous, precarious location.

“He decided he needed to get out and started continuing to go downhill into drainages and most inexperienced people will end up in a drainage is where they think they’re going to get down to the ocean fast or the bottom fast but it just leads them to waterfalls and big drops and cliffs.”

The man was airlifted off the mountain back to base and taken to hospital for an assessment.

The rescue was hampered by adverse weather conditions and the technical terrain. Rescuers were able to follow footsteps in the snow for some way, but as night fell and it became foggy, they became harder to track.

“It’s not the sort of place you want to be unless you’re extremely experienced. And you shouldn’t really be going out by yourself, anywhere up Mount Seymour.”

Mount Seymour, British Columbia, Canada
Mount Seymour, BC

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