Mount Washington, NH, Sees Snowiest June on Record With More Snow on the Forecast

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June 2023 has shattered snowfall records for New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Observatory, becoming the snowiest June in the mountain’s history. With a total of 8.4 inches of snowfall so far, this month has surpassed all previous data recorded from 1932 to the present. This exceptional weather pattern can be attributed to a quasi-stationary low-pressure system that has lingered over our area, resulting in nearly daily snowfall throughout the month, according to the Mount Washington Observatory.

Looking at the forecast ahead, another low-pressure system accompanied by cold air is approaching the region, increasing the likelihood of further snow accumulation this week. The dataset is poised to expand, heightening the potential for even greater snowfall totals in the coming days. Looks like June didn’t get the memo that winter was over for Mount Washington.

About Mount Washington 

Mount Washington is a 6,288-foot peak located in New Hampshire and is an East Coast backcountry skiing and snowboarding hotspot. It’s got challenging terrain and stunning vistas, attracting outdoor enthusiasts looking for winter backcountry experiences. The mountain is known for its impressive snowfall due to its unique location and weather patterns that create ideal conditions for winter sports.

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