Mountain Biker Collides With Grizzly Bear In MT, Grizzly Kills Biker

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On June 29th, 2016 Brad Treat, a Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer, was riding his mountain bike with a friend near West Glacier Montana on a trail called the “Outer Loop” in the Flathead National Forest in the “Green Gates Trails” system when  he came around a corner with limited visibility and hit a Grizzly Bear. The investigation reported that his shoes were clipped into his bike as he went over the handle bars and fell breaking both of his wrist and his left shoulder. The report says that neither the bear nor the man saw each other. The bear had made a “rargh” type of sound after a thud was heard by the companion. The bear then attacked Treat. Details are outlined in the report below.


Board of Review Report: The Death of Mr. Brad Treat due to a Grizzly Bear Attack June 29th, 2016 on the Flathead National Forest

Excerpts of the Report Issued:

 Released March 3, 2017

Due to the nature of the attack, the bear was not seen as predatory. The attack was determined as a surprise encounter turned deadly. The bear was identified through DNA taken from a research project in 2006 as  a 18-20 year old Male Grizzly that was never reported as having a human-bear conflicts or aggression. In 2006 the bear was thought to be 8-10 years- old and 370lbs.

It is advised that anyone that hikes or bikes in bear country should carry bear spray and or a firearm as well as a cell phone or way to call for help. It is reported that neither of the mountain bikers were carrying any of these things.

Approximate Area of Trail Systems Where the Attack Occurred


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5 thoughts on “Mountain Biker Collides With Grizzly Bear In MT, Grizzly Kills Biker

  1. If I were the bear and someone crashed into me “at a high rate of speed” I’d be pissed and would probably attack.

  2. wait a minute! this is not the whole story. this is a whitewashed version. at the time, the story came out it was a total fabrication, blaming the bear more. the guys lied at first. made up a whole encounter scenario. then when the forest service said they would have to terminate the bear, the ‘companion’ came up with the truth, which resembles this account, and puts responsibility more on the rider.

    1. I do not recall any version different than this one, and I am from the area and read the initial reports and follow-ups. The companion stated in the first account back in 2016 that Treat was riding at a high rate of speed before running into the bear on a blind curve. He went for help, but by the time help arrived Treat was dead. What part of this report is “whitewashed”?

    2. I am from the area and remember that day vividly. It was major news and everyone was on pins and needles waiting to hear details. There was never any other version of the story, this final report is basically the same as the initial report, nothing has changed. I am not sure what source you are getting your information from, but it is incorrect, there was never any dreamed-up story about the bear being aggressive or the cause of the incident.

      1. I’m not sure where “sharpy” is getting his info either. He may be thinking of a different bear story, but this account has been consistent from day one. Thanks for sharing!

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