Mountain Biker Dies in Crested Butte Enduro Race

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RIP Wil Olson
RIP Wil Olson

Late Saturday morning, 40-year-old Wil Olson from Edwards CO died while racing in the Crested Butte Big Mountain Enduro World Series event.  Wil’s death resulted in the cancelation of the rest of the competition.

Wil suffered severe chest traua when he crashed hard on Forest Service Trail 400 on Star Pass near the Block and Tackle Trail.  Two other enduro riders came upon Wil laying face down and immediately began CPR.  A third rider called 911 and alerted emergency personnel.  Medics arrived within minutes.  CPR was administered for one hour.

“A paramedic transported by Care Flight helicopter arrived on scene and pronounced the rider deceased. The victim was carried to the trailhead by Search and Rescue members. At approximately 4 p.m. the Gunnison County Coroner accepted the victim.” – police report

Richie Rude riding in the event before it was canceled.
Richie Rude riding in the event before it was canceled.

It’s being reported that no one saw the accident happen and is being considered a “freak accident.”

“It is an incredibly sad situation.  Everyone did an incredible job yesterday with Will and we are shattered. We decided to cancel the rest of the event as result of this accident. No one wants to race after this tragedy. A rider’s life is more important than bikes. It’s the right move to cancel Sunday.” – Chris Ball, the Director of the Enduro World Series

According to Chris Ball, the Director of the Enduro World Series, the area where the accident happened isn’t an especially fast nor technical section of the course. Riders were reported to have been traveling at 20-25mph in the accident region.

“There was no injury to his head and his bike had no damage but there was blunt force trauma to his chest.  Medical personnel were on the scene within minutes.” – Chris Ball

Wil Olson was an experienced rider and a regular Colorado enduro racer.

“He was a very skilled rider and had ridden around the Crested Butte area many times.  This was a freak accident that happened to a positive soul that was very tight with the bike community.” – BME race director Brandon Ontiveros

Mountain bike riders will gather at the town base camp of the enduro event on Sunday to pay their respects to and ride for Wil Olson.

Very few people die mountain biking which makes this accident even more tragic.  Our hearts go out to Wil, his family, friends, and the entire mountain bike community.

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  1. Rest in Peace Wil. The world loses another good soul. May your friends and family find solace in the days ahead .

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