VIDEO: Mountain Lion Attacks a Civilian and Sheriff’s Deputy in Loveland, CO

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A mountain lion attacked one deputy and one citizen in Loveland, CO yesterday, according to Larimer County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) spokesperson David Moore. He said both victims were transported by ambulance after the incident.

LCSO deputies and game wardens from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) responded to a call of a mountain lion attack and when they arrived on the scene, LCSO said deputies saw the mountain lion and followed it into a trailer park. That is when the animal attacked one of the deputies, according to LCSO. A female deputy was bitten on the shoulder.

“She got first aid,” witness Tim Satterly said. “Her sleeve was off and wrapped up. I talked to her. She was OK, pretty shaken up.”

Deputies shot at the mountain lion but it managed to escape. The animal was tracked down nearby and a CPW game warden shot and killed the mountain lion.

loveland, colorado
Loveland, CO (not the ski area!)

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