MOVIE TRAILER: Pro Skiers Going Nuts in B.C. | “The Bearing”

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“Last season I skied some of the sickest lines of my life! From spine lines to pillow stacks to heavily exposed faces and everything else in-between. A big highlight of my season was 3 weeks spent in British Columbia with the Blank Collective crew filming for their third feature film, “Bearings”. I’m really excited to see the full feature releasing this fall, but for now this lil teaser will have to do…Big thanks to all involved in creating such a rad project! Enjoy and get fired up!!!” – Josh Daie


“Most people’s bearings are set to points of interest, based on moral decisions. But for these powder hounders, setting calculated direction to 4 cardinal points on the vast land that shapes British-Columbia dictates a gamble that most aren’t willing to take. East, south, west and north is where they will wander.” – The Blank Collective


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