Mt Bachelor, OR welcomes back the 9th annual Dirksen Derby Rally Race

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Hard charging corners at this season's Dirksen Derby
Hard charging corners at this season’s Dirksen Derby.  Photos: Jules Hanna

The winter season kicked into high gear this December 11th through 13th at the 9th annual Dirksen Derby on Oregon’s Mt Bachelor.

Snowboarding’s cast of characters came from far and wide to ride the hand carved banked walls through a snow caked forest that Sasquatch would be proud to call home.

Days were filled with deep powder, banked turns, high fives, and big smiles.

Nightlife took place in Bend centered around an inspiring film festival, gathering many talented photographers and filmers, as well as the ‘Broken Board’ Auction, where the artwork this year was nothing short of mind expanding and raised thousands of dollars to help support Tyler Eklund who was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident years ago.

Snow fell hard through the nights as trees toppled over and power lines went down. Backup generators turned the lifts as snowboarding deep reservoir of soul filled-and-spilled over into the start of the winter season.

When the powder-cloud finally settled after the 3-day event, over 30 K was raised, 64 inches fell, and snowboarding’s humble roots rose once again to center stage.


The Dirksen Derby Rally Race is a snowboard, splitboard and sit-ski race that consists of two 30 second banked slalom courses and designed for riders of all ages and abilities. A Red Course offered tight corners and a technical feel while the Green course set riders up for a let-it-run flow that would have stoked out Mr. Toad himself. Fastest rider to the bottom wins.

Many thanks to all the riders, volunteers, community members, and Mt Bachelor for hosting this special event.

Photo Tour

Bachelor trees
The 64 inch dumps, snow gnomes, and enchanted forests of Bachelor in epic form.
board art from above - all
Broken Board Art Auction at the Midtown Ballroom in Bend
board art - green
Impressive detail on display, every piece in the house was a work of art.
board art - oregon wood
Eric Hedberg’s “Line Work” was a standout piece made from a 150 year old walnut tree from Salem, Oregon.
board art from above
The talent in the art and snowboard community is inspiring. Dave Banks “Pizza Demon of Dark Woods” caption brought out a few laughs. The Whale Board top left, glowed in the dark.
board art
Snowboards and Skulls.
Gentemstick - quiver
Beautiful art transcended night to day. Japan’s Gentemstick is a work of art and marvel of design floating riders above the 3 feet of fresh. Karakoram’s “Quivering” technology allows riders to switch bindings between boards with ease.
pow shot - Kyle
Kyle Hansen raises one up as he gets down.
pow shot - Tyler
Tyler Kloster of Karakoram Bindings finds his way into a powdery offering.
Hiromi Tatsumi took home 1st place on his sit-ski board.
Pumping through the corners on the Green course.


toe side - hands out
Hands out, banking hard.

toeside - artsy

Tucking hard to the finish line.
Tucking hard to the finish line.
Banked slalom brings out the best in snowboarding.
Banked slalom brings out the best in snowboarding.

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