Mt Hood Meadows Recent Conditions: Cascade Concrete Below Some Extra Fluff

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Mt Hood Meadows has been getting slammed with nonstop snow for pretty much the past 4 weeks.  There have been fridgid, cold-smoke powder days, but the majority of the snow has been classic warm, heavy, high water content Cascade concrete.  This last weekend had hopes of being fabulous with LOTS of snow expected, however, it got a bit too warm for that to come completely true.

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It rained Friday Morning on top of the several inches Meadows received the night before, but it kept snowing hard, especially in the afternoon.  It got considerably colder later in the day, and by mid afternoon, all the sopping wet, soft but heavy concrete snow was blanketed by an inch or two of fluffy goodness. 

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This inch or two was like frosting on the cake–making one savory ride taste that much sweeter.  The fluff blew around the open bowls under Mt. Hood express enough to fill in the gaps between piles and mounds of that nasty Cascade crud.  Riding then became smooth, soft, and methodical–nothing less than amazing.

The snow keeps a-comin'--This pic's from yesterday at Mt. Hood Meadows!
The snow keeps a-comin’–This pic’s from yesterday at Mt. Hood Meadows!

All in all, ’twas a great weekend despite the promise of powder but sad reality of rainy days.  Mt Hood Meadows has accumulated great coverage considering how late it started actually snowing.  Heather Canyon opened for the first time this season on Saturday–though it only stayed open for about an hour due to heavy rain.  The best part is that it’s STILL snowing.  Mt. Hood has gotten over 27 inches in the last few days, and it’s supposed to be clear on Friday!  And Private Reserve opened this week… so, things basically just got real fun for those looking for a blind challenge.

Forecast for this coming weekend :D Clear skies!
Forecast for this coming weekend 😀 Clear skies!
More proof of the mid-week POW days this week


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