Mt. Moran, Wyoming Conditions Report: Summer Solstice Party Ski

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12,605-foot Moran is a classic mountain, and skiing the skillet is mega classic, so in order to make it obscure, we decided to have a summer solstice party and also ski during a snowstorm. The rest of the trip was clear and sunny, but we nailed the timing and became engulfed in a cloudy, white-out snowstorm just as we were arriving at the summit. And, right as we finished the ski, it got sunny again. That was obscure I think. I bet most people don’t try to do that.

“I was surprised that the edit showed so many close ups of my face.” Said Silas, the star of the edit.

We canoed back quickly afterwards and arrived home in time to watch the entire soccer match, and afterwards went to this rad solstice party/event. It was all actually way super fun, I’m guessing the snow has melted a lot since then. It was like a week and a half ago.

What do you think, did this trip seem more classic? Or does it seem more obscure?

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3 thoughts on “Mt. Moran, Wyoming Conditions Report: Summer Solstice Party Ski

  1. Hi Dorian,
    Super work and fun you got going. Wish you could take me on your back sometime!
    Keep finding new paths on your journey on snow capped peaks!
    Your Grandma

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