Mt. Rose in Tahoe CANCELS Thursday Opening:

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Mt. Rose ski resort, Lake Tahoe, NV
Mt. Rose ski resort, Lake Tahoe, NV

Last week, we reported on Mt. Rose ski resort in Lake Tahoe’s announcement on TV that they would open up this Thursday

We were all a bit doubtful, especially after looking at the forecast for Mt. Rose showing no temperatures below freezing for the week.

Today, Mt. Rose announced that they will not be opening this Thursday.


Opening Day Postponed: Mt. Rose will delay its planned opening date, previously set for this Thursday October 29th.

At 8260 feet, a typical October will produce several nights of ideal snowmaking conditions. With the snow guns blazing, Show Off run can be opened in as few as two solid nights, so in many cases an October opening is a real possibility. However, the warmer temperatures this month did not quite reach the freezing duration needed for productive snowmaking. We held out hope until today as this week’s forecast looked promising, but the snow level is still just a bit too high to get us started. The good news is that the current weather pattern closely mimics that of 1997-98 which was a monster snow year.

Mt. Rose is still on track to be the first Tahoe resort to open for the 2015-16 winter ski & snowboard season. The predicted El Nino weather pattern has proven favorable to Mt. Rose in the past as our high altitude and northern exposure set us up for a great season.” – Mt. Rose today at 4pm

There is a little snow in the forecast today for Mt. Rose…

Mt. Rose, NV forecast showing snow today and some cold overnight temps
Mt. Rose, NV forecast showing snow today and some cold overnight temps

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