Mt. Superior, UT Report: Moody “Suicide Chute” in Delicious Corn

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Report from May 2, 2021

It was a bit stormy out today, but not too bad.

Moody, I’d call it.

In and out sun, increasing clouds.

Ben near the top. image: snowbrains

We needed a quick hit that delivered high ‘bang for the buck’.

Suicide Chute on Mt. Superior was the call.

The sun bathed us as we climbed up and kept us warm in a swirling wind.

Erica slashing in. image: snowbrains

Once in the chute, the wind stopped and so did the sun.

Our timing was off by about 40 minutes…

No matter, the snow stayed soft and the company was terrific.

Erica & Ben grinding up. image: snowbrains

Off the top, I desperately waited for a blue hole – to no avail.

The sky spat a few snowflakes past to spite me.

I dropped in last and on the 2nd turn fully understood that the snow was sweet.

Mt. Superior and “Suicide Chute” from the Alta webcam. image: alta

Soft, but not quite sloppy.

I ripped down and tried to ski the entire chute without stopping.

The snow got thicker and overly-pliable in the bottom of the chute whilst sprinkled with avalanche debris.

Ben. image: snowbrains

I had to stop.

The rest of the chute was fun with tricky spot-hopping around large chunks of avalanche debris.

The apron was sticky ACL snow right back to the car.

We were stoked that the quick run worked out so well.

Apres Ski w/ 10 Barrel Brewing. image: snowbrains

We could have used a little sunshine, but the moodiness and name of the chute matched well.

The skiing itself was great and I’ll certainly be back for this one in full sunshine this spring.

Avalanche Forecast:

The Utah Avalanche Center is no longer reporting. image: uac

Weather Forecast:

image: noaa, 5/2/21


Erica looking very ski-mo. image: snowbrains
Erica. image: snowbrains
Erica in it. image: snowbrains
Ben charging up. image: snowbrains
Soggy bootpack. image: snowbrains
Erica on top. image: snowbrains
Erica happy at the start. image: snowbrains

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