Music Monday: Johnny Polygon

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Johnny Polygon

This funky new face of Rap is surely going to put a new sound in your ears. Johnny Polygon is an up and  coming Independent artist our of Tulsa Oklahoma. Coming onto the scene in 2008 and slowly gaining more and more momentum. Johnny is surely one to keep on eye on. With clever rap flows complemented by Johnny singing in some chorus, he creates a new sound and shows off his talents.

Johnny Polygon has had his ups and downs on his way up and he is slowly but surely getting more and more recognition. His newest album that came out in early 2013 titled “The Nothing” features some of his greats works such as “Lovesick” and “Purple mess”. How ever his older music such as “Invincible” equally as good. Give him a listen! he just might stick in your head. His not currently on tour  but i wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing him next to some bigger names!

Best Tracks:

  • Lovesick
  • Limosexsuperstar
  • Purple Mess
  • The Riot Song
  • Invincible


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