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Fitz and Friends

Why hello there, it’s once again our favorite day of the week, Monday. And we here at Snowbrains want to alleviate that pain, just a little bit, with Music Mondays. So this week we introduce you to a band that a few of us may already be aware of, Fitz and the Tantrums. With a soulful, almost throwback feel, Fitz and the Tantrums, provide a rock, soulful, Neo Soul feel to music. And while some of you may be asking, whatta the F*#K is Neo Soull? Don’t worry, I asked the same thing. Neo Soul is a mix of soul and contemporary R&B, representing, jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop, fusion, and african music. In basic terms it is amazing music, something Fitz and the Tanturms make.

I first saws Fitz and the Tantrums at the Sasquatch Music Festival in 2011, and instantly fell in love. With their throwback style, and artistic lyrics, Fitz and friends found many adorers within their unique style. Founded in 2008 by Michael Fitzpatrick, Fitz and the Tantrums, was established basically in one night by a slew of phone calls after Fitz bought an old Conn Electric Organ. Their first album, “Songs For a Breakup, Vol. 1″ was released in early 2009”, and was recorded in Fitzpatrick’s home in L.A. In 2009 the band toured with acts such as Maroon 5, and Flogging Molly, and in 2010 played at SXSW. In 2011, their popular songs such as “Moneygrabber” got them booked on the late night circuit with Conan, Leno, and Kimmel. Recently songs such as “Outta my League”, and “The Walker” have gained radio attention, most likely due to their catchy lyrics and amazing instrumental accompaniment. An amazing throwback sound, thoughtful lyrics, and a beat you can move to, Fitz and the Tantrums provide an amazing addition to your summer playlist, so get at it and download some new music today.

Best Tacks

  • Moneygrabber
  • Dont Gotta Work it Out
  • The Walker
  • Out of my League
  • Fools Gold

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