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After a brief hiatus, Music Mondays is back once again. After a long time away we want to bring you a band many of you may be familiar with, but may not know a lot of their songs, and that band is Jet. While the Aussie band Jet, out of Melbourne Australia, is well known for their hits such as “Cold Hard Bitch”, and “Are You Gonna be my Girl”, much of their catalogue is unknown to most. With great lyrics, and riffs with an old school classic rock feel, Jet is one of the best bands you will ever listen to, and one of my favorite.

Jet formed in 2001 in Melbourne Australia, with Cameron Muncey as the lead guitarist, Mark Wilson on bass, and brothers Nic and Chris Cester on rhythm guitar and drums. The Australian rock band You Am I played a pivotal role in the influencing the style and sound of the band, as it was the first time Australian musicians realized you didn’t have to be a grunge band or be influenced by American bands according to Jet. In 2003 Jet got its big break after years of touring in Australia, and began working on their debut album, Get Born, in Los Angeles with Elektra Records. From there the band released one more studio album, Shaka Rock, 2009. Unfortunately, in March of 2012, Jet announced its discontinuation as a band on Facebook, giving no explanation but thanking fans for being there from the startJet has a slew of amazing songs, with thought provoking lyrics, to killer guitar riffs, Jet makes for a great listen, and one hell of a pandora station. So if you ever were a fan of “Cold Hard Bitch” but never heard anything else from this amazing band, check em out, you’ll be glad you did. 

Best Tracks

  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Cold Hard Bitch
  • Move On
  • Look What You’ve Done
  • Black Hearts
  • Rip It Up
  • Come On Come On

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