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While slowly gaining recognition in the Canadian Hip-Hop scene, rapper and emcee Sonreal has been for the most part been overlooked here in the states. However with increasing popularity in Canada, and a newly released album, One Long Day, it is only a matter of time before Sonreal starts to gain attention down south. And with skiers such as TJ Schiller and Justin Dorey reppin their friend from Vernon, BC, its only a matter of time before the ski industry catches on as well. With a slow and smooth delivery and ever innovative material, Sonreal is quickly changing the face of Canadian Hip-Hop.

Coming out of Vernon, BC, Sonreal, relocated to Vancouver where he slowly gained recognition and moved to the forefront of the Vancouver hip-hop scene. Starting in 2008, Sonreal has released a total of 7 mix tapes, all of which have an album feel and are all free on his website. After gaining attention in the industry, he signed with the independent label Black Box Records where he collaborated with Toronto’s Rich Kidd. With good music, and ferociously loyal fans, Sonreal is finally starting to see the recognition he deserves.

Best Tracks

  • I Tried
  • Everywhere We Go
  • L.A.
  • Epic
  • Don’t Stop

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