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TV Girl is so underground they don’t even have a Wikipedia page, or a Vevo page, in this day of technology, that is saying something. However, with little info known, what is known is that TV Girl makes some damn good music, music that you should have. With slow, mellow, rocky (is that a word?) beats, TV Girl makes some awesome chill beats to ski, or just chill to.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, TV Girl produces some amazing songs. Information on the interwebs is scarce, however their music is not. TV Girl makes some great music, more mellow and chill, perfect for the summer months ahead. With chill and mellow music, perfect for cruising or beachin this summer, TV Girl produces music that should be in your playlist everyday this coming summer.

Best Tracks: 

  • Benny and the Jetts
  • She Smokes in Bed
  • Girls Like Me
  • Easier to Cry


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