NASA Technology Used in Warmest Gloves on the Market by Swany

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Connery Lundin
Freeskier Connery Lundin has warm hands in his Swany gloves, picture: Connery Lundin Instagram Page

Nothing ends your snowsports fun faster than cold hands. Unfortunately, our hands feel the cold quickest, as blood vessels constrict in cold weather and the human body directs the blood flow away from the extremities to the core, where the vital organs are located. As a result, our hands get cold first, as they are essentially ‘expendable’ for your survival. Some people are more susceptible to cold hands than others. Women’s hands for example have been shown to be significantly colder than men’s. A scientific study by the University of Utah found that on average women’s hands measured 82.7°F compared to men with 90°F. Body size and composition are other contributing factors in how quickly people feel the cold in their hands and feet. If you, like me, are prone to having cold hands, you will want the warmest gloves on the market and Swany’s Tri-Plex Alpha gloves have you covered — literally. 

Swany Mitten
Swany Tri-Plex Alpha mitten, the warmest product on the market with NASA technology to keep your hands warm on the slopes, picture supplied

The tech team at Swany has spent decades perfecting ski and snowboarding gloves and mittens. Swany is a Japanese company that established Swany America in 1980. Swany moved into the ski glove market in 1990 following its prior merger with Elmer Little & Sons, a century-old glove manufacturer in Gloversville, New York. In order to achieve their goal to make the best ski glove, Swany made sure it was tested by the best under the toughest conditions and Swany have been supplying their gloves to the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the National Ski Patrol for decades. These guys and gals are out there every single day, skiing and boarding in all conditions. Aided with their feedback, Swany has been perfecting its line of gloves and mittens. Swany has dedicated years of research to this pursuit and it culminates in the Tri-Plex Alpha series, which uses the NASA developed thermal technology with temperature-blocking aerogel PrimaLoft Gold® Insulation with Cross Core™ technology, which is considered the best synthetic insulator on the market. 

Swany Glove
The Swany Triplex Alpha series comes in either a mitten or glove, you can see some of the many features like the quick-release wrist strap, the handy pocket on the back of the hand and the long cuff, picture supplied

Combining this inner insulation layer with the best materials for the outer shell, such as the soft Nubuck leather on the back of the X-Cell gloves and mitts’ outer shell, Swany’s Tri-Plex Alpha have been proven to be 30-50% warmer than other gloves. All materials have been carefully chosen at Swany to combine durability and warmth with breathability. Aside from all the amazing high tech materials, one of my favorite features is a very basic one: the attachment leash. I see people not using their leash and I wonder if they simply are unaware, but they are supposed to go around your wrist before you put on the glove. I just love knowing that if I am fishing for my phone on a chair lift or helping one of my kids zip up their jacket, my mittens are safely dangling from my wrist and not getting lost.

You can tell the guys at Swany are passionate about snowsports and have thought about everything when it comes to their Tri-Plex Alpha gloves. Think of any feature you like from your favorite pair of gloves, they’ve integrated it. Many Swany models come equipped with a convenient pocket for hand warmers — although let me tell you, they are also great for popping your ski pass, credit card or some spare cash in as well. The X-Cell and X-Change gloves have a long cuff to prevent snow from going up your jacket sleeves and you can wear them either over or under your jacket, depending on the cut. Designs are timeless and athletic and the gloves are a firm favorite with resort skiers the world over.  

Swany takes great pride in providing snowsport enthusiasts with only the absolute best, so if you’re like me and struggle with freezing hands on the slopes, invest in a pair of Swany gloves or mittens equipped with Tri-Plex Alpha technology, the warmest in their range of glove and mitten collections. If you’re serious about your skiing or boarding, then you’ve got to be serious about keeping your hands warm.

Swany Snowboarder
Swany is tested by skiers who are out there 150-200 days of the year, picture supplied

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