Natural 4-8′ deep slab avalanche breaks on Saddle Peak, MT

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A natural 4-8′ deep avalanche that broke on Saddle Peak, MT during the lastest storm. Photo: GNFAC

Avalanche conditions in the Bridger Range near Bozeman, MT are looking frightening as of late. Giant natural avalanches are being reported in the backcountry. The Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center reports:

A natural 4-8′ deep slab avalanche broke on Saddle Peak within the last couple days (2/6 or 2/7) during the current storm. Huge avalanches like this are likely and can be triggered by a human for the next couple days. The mountains received 3-5 feet of snow equal to 3-5″ of SWE over the last week with more snow in the forecast. This heavy load is overloading a fragile snowpack, especially on wind loaded slopes.

Massive avalanches in the Bridger Range are likely. While conditions stabilize, conservative travel is advised for those recreating in the Gallatin National Forest backcountry. Be safe out there!

The location of the 4-8′ deep avalanche that broke on Saddle Peak last week. Photo: GNFAC

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