Need a TV on Your Chairlift? | This Denver Startup Thinks You Do…

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(Example video of the type of content that would be displayed on high definition screens attached to the chairlift comfort bars.  Alpine Media Technology is launching LiftDigital in 2017/2018)

We spend enough of our days looking at screens, don’t we?  Computer at work, TV at home, phone everywhere…

Do we need TV’s on our chairlifts, too?

This Denver startup, Alpine Media Technology thinks we do.

According to, Alpine Media Technologies has already signed agreements with Winter Park Resort, CO and Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, MA for the 2017/18 season.  

TV on the chairlift. image: alpine media technologies


by Alpine Media Technologies

Each panel contains a power source, 4-8 video displays, WiFi, and the option for wireless cell phone charging.  The panel is rapidly charged with each pass of the bullwheel and stores enough energy to power the displays for up to 20 minutes.​

Our system can then be used for a variety of applications including, but not limited to:

  • Trail maps with real-time GPS

  • Clock

  • Local weather information

  • Emergency broadcast notifications from ski patrol (i.e. lost skiers, closed lifts, etc.)

  • Video safety briefing (i.e. skier code of conduct, weather preparation, etc.)

  • Information about local amenities, resort discounts, etc.

  • Advertising (local or national level)

  • Integration with various social media platforms

  • much more…

Collectively, our platform can:

  • Enhance the experience for all patrons

  • Improve safety at the ski area through education and increased use of the safety bar offering the potential to reduce general liability insurance premiums

  • Drive traffic to local amenities / attractions

  • much more…

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