New Attractions in the Town of Whistler, BC This Year

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With a highly anticipated ski season approaching, skiers are eager to enjoy the experience of an excellent old-fashioned ski trip. Luckily, Whistler, Canada is offering new openings and attractions for the 2021-2022 ski year. Among those attractions are restaurants, exhibitions, hotels, and more.

A new exhibition offered is called Boarder X. Boarder X takes place on the shared territories of the Lil’wat Nation and Squamish Nation. These two nations collaborate to indulge others in their cultures. According to Snow Industry News, until October 21, Boarder X is hosting Indigenous artists “that use snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing as mechanisms to demonstrate knowledge and perform relationships with the land.” The works of art represent certain aspects of the territories humans occupy. Boarder X’s inaugural exhibition will be presented in an Indigenous-owned building curated by the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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The Boarder X Exhibit in the Art Gallery of Alberta. PC: Boarder X Exhibition via Facebook

In terms of hospitality, Four Seasons Resort Whistler is undergoing a complete renovation of all 273 rooms. The renovation is being facilitated by DIALOG Architecture Studio and is “synthesizing alpine elegance with warmth and ease.” Along with the in-depth renovation of all the rooms, they are also adding ten new Signature Suites. Each suite has design elements handpicked to represent the familiar snowy peaks. The architecture is supposedly taking a twist on the classic apres-ski style, with traditional wood detailing and urban-styled mid-century furniture.

A suite at Four Seasons Resort in Whistler. PC: Four Seasons Resort Whistler via Facebook

If you find yourself with an appetite, you’re in luck. Whistler is featuring a new restaurant and the adoption of a beloved one. At the base of Blackcomb Mountain is the home of Fairmont Chateau Whistlers Snow Globe Dining Domes. These magical glass domes feature beautiful lights and are burrowed within snowy trees, resembling a fairytale woods setting. The food is just as astonishing as the atmosphere, as the gourmet menu is based on locally grown products.

Additionally, the adored Thai restaurant Barn Nork is coming to Whistler. Barn Nork is also committed to locally grown products, as supporting their local community is a big priority for them. They plan to expand into more “street food style dishes” when they open in Whistler. Also, they have something for everyone, as they offer vegan dishes. They are also preparing Thai-inspired ice creams and sorbets. Flavors will include Thai Coffee, Thai Tea, Coconut Pandan Leaf, Coconut Riceberry, Pineapple Chili, and Salted Mango.

Whistler is a classic ski destination that is constantly adding new attractions that appeal to everyone. With the atmosphere it presents, it’s the perfect destination for your 2021-2022 ski season!

Fairmont Chateau Whistler’s Snow Globe Dining Domes. PC: Go Whistler via Facebook

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