New Ogden UT Bike Park, A Platform For What Is Possible In Building Public Bike Parks

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Mountain bike whip on public trail

Words by Ryan Mulcahy

Recently in the City of Ogden Utah community bike enthusiasts came together to work with and along side city government to build and develop a unique bike park that people of all levels could enjoy and ride.

having fun on newly built mountain bike trail
Some locals finding some air under their tires.

What makes this park unique and friendly is first the people that run and organize the park, are always willing to talk and explain different features of the park. Secondly the park offers 4 different courses for begging, intermediate, advanced and expert advanced riders, making fun for everyone.

What makes the Ogden bike park stand out above other parks I have rode and seen throughout the country is the City of Ogden fully backs and supports the park in a large variety of ways. Included in this is matching funding that was raised from individuals and lending city owned equipment for building and maintaining the park. Additionally the city has leased the property from the private owner and most importantly provided insurance for the bike park. To me this is the defining factor that boosts the Ogden bike park above others.

Mountain bike public trail building
City crews move dirt as directed by park organizers.

The park has all the same benefits as city parks, such as provided resources like garbage, water, and bathrooms. Also the city has offered up there engineering staff to help support the park in its future plans and jump builds.

reaping the benefits of newly built public mountain bike trail
A local throws a little whip on the intermediate course table top

The organizers of the park have sanctioned digging days where they ask local riders to lend their support and help maintain the trails as needed. Only during these times are people allowed to modify the park. Additionally they require all riders to wear helmets, and let’s be honest that is the way it should be.

If you are in the area it is most definitely worth checking and out and something that I hope will inspiring other biking communities and city organizer. In this I feel that the Ogden Bike Park is a great platform as to what is possible with some organization and city government support. I can say I have had nothing but positive experiences at the park and everyone in the community loves and supports the park.
Mountain bike trail discussion
Local organizers and riders lend their hand and shovel on a recent digging day.

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  1. Awesome – Ogden setting a great example. How many other community bike parks are there out there? I think Truckee has one…

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