New This Month: The SnowBrains Avalanche Forecast Tab

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New this month is our Avalanche Forecast tab, courtesy of!

Avalanche education/awareness is a HUGE component of SnowBrains and now you are only one click away from every avalanche forecast available in the United States.

If planning on skiing in the backcountry this season PLEASE…

…educate yourself, check your area’s avalanche forecast, find a good partner, make calculated, low-risk decisions, and have fun out there! 

ABOUT AVALANCHE.ORG connects the public to formal avalanche information and education in the United States. is a partnership between the American Avalanche Association (A3) and the US Forest Service National Avalanche Center (NAC).


The American Avalanche Association (A3) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research in the United States. is one of many A3 programs that serve avalanche professionals and their beneficiaries in the US.


The Forest Service National Avalanche Center (NAC) provides oversight, support and program guidance for Forest Service Avalanche Centers, and coordinates with other U.S. avalanche centers. This network reduces the number of US avalanche fatalities and injuries by providing communities with avalanche information and education.

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