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Film announcement and hype shots, octocopters and snowmobiles, where will this go?! video: Red Bull Media House


Travis Rice and the Brain Farm crew know a few things about making movies. Their previous collaborations alongside Red Bull Media House have produced the iconic snowboard films That’s It, That’s All and Art of FLIGHT. A week ago they made the official announcement, they are at it again, and this time they have the technology.

The focus of the film will be on “…exploring the use of cutting edge technology, rich storytelling, and exploring even more remote and untouched locations than ever before.” How much more remote can you get than Jeremy Jones and the Deeper/Further/Higher series remains to be seen, but expect an insane level of riding coming from Rice & crew. So far no locations have been announced, but following the trips to AK and New Zealand showcased in past movies, think along similar high-calibre spined-out mountain ranges.


TRice Spine

Those are spines. photo: Travis Rice ‘Mind Over Matter’


The Brain Farm crew has spent the past two years in pre-production and planning logistics for their latest endeavors. Travis describes the newest project as “…an entirely new approach to following winter…”


Not to be outdone or merely make a film for films sake the Brain Farm crew is bringing all the latest technology with them. The film will be shot entirely in 4K, which has 4 times the amount of pixels as HD film. This technology will allow Brain Farm to showcase small details in their shots that would be lost with conventional or HD film technology. From the attention to detail in shots in their previous films expect this to be used to full effect.

Those 4K cameras that the crew will be using will be paired with equally innovative mounts, the MoVI M10. The M10 is stabilized on three axes (left/right, front/back, up/down) so that it can capture seamless movement without camera shake or jump, allowing for very smooth moving shots (…on the back of a snowmobile). Instead of being tied to cable rigs and other moving devices the crew has the ability to literally take the camera in their hands while still capturing beautiful shots.


trice hakuba

Travis with the film gear. And traveling with a ski bag is a headache… photo: Scott Serfas


A little behind the scenes on the MoVI M10 and what it can do in the hands of the Brain Farm crew. video: Brain Farm


This is the first announcement in what is likely to be a two-year project, so we wont be seeing the finished product until next NEXT winter. Brain Farm did say they are going to release more information, including a title, in the fall. The Brain Farm crew was spotted in Hakuba building some sort of plywood… hut? Maybe we will be seeing more of this in the future. For now, the locations and trips planned are anyone’s guess, what’s yours?

For the latest updates check out Brain Farm!

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