New ‘World Record’ Wave Surfed in Nazare?

Ian Chandler | | WeatherWeatherSurfSurf

As the California coastline is hit with its own huge swell, Portugal’s reliable XXL break in Nazaré has once again been firing and English surfer Tom Butler has taken full advantage.

On Friday 14 December, Tom was towed into the gigantic wave by German big-wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner. The wave is estimated to be 90-100ft tall, which would make it the biggest wave ever surfed!

It is unknown if if it’s been awarded the Guinness World Record yet, but all will be revealed over the coming months, with this likely to be confirmed at the WSL Big Wave Awards in April 2019.

The current record holder is Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, who rode an 80-foot wave on Nov. 8, 2017, also at Nazare.

There’s still a long winter ahead of us and we’re hoping we’ll see more monster waves surfed over the coming months.

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