New York Times: Skiing in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan’s Bamiyman Provence is the only place in Afghanistan that promotes adventure tourism.  It’s been known as the safest region in Afghanistan.  The area was devastated by the Taliban in the past, then stabilized by international forces, and will likely be run by the Taliban again once the international forces leaves at the end of 2014.

skiing in Afghanistan Map Bamiyan Provence in Afghanistan

“This area, perhaps, became famous after the Taliban destroyed the ancient statues of Buddah here in 2001.” – Vikram Singh of the New York Times

The ancient Buddah's
The ancient Buddha of Baiman before and after destruction by the Taliban

These ancient Buddha statues were breathtakingly large at 175 feet tall and 115 feet tall.  There are no longer Buddhist’s in the Bamiyan area, but there was a strong population in 507AD when the first of two giants Buddha’s was created.

Smaller of the two Buddha statues at 114 feet tall
Smaller of the two Buddha statues at 114 feet tall

These buddah’s were spectacular.  They were destroyed by the Taliban via dynamite in 2001.

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