Against All Odds, New Zealand Ski Resorts See Record Number of Visitors

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Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand,
Resorts in New Zealand are poppin’! Photo credit: Planet Ski

The Kiwis are shredding! That’s right- despite predictions of an economic downturn and the fairly recent lifting of lockdown laws, New Zealand ski resorts are not just surviving but thriving. On both the North and South Island, ski resorts are seeing a significant increase in the number of visitors when compared to previous seasons.

New Zealand’s schools just had their winter holiday which contributed to a large uptick in the number of visitors at local resorts. That being said, most NZ resorts rely on international tourism to comprise a significant portion of their ticket sales. With all international travel restricted, this increase comes as a direct result of stoked Kiwis who are getting out on the mountain.

North Island, New Zealand,
Staff preparing for another busy day at Mt. Ruapehu. Photo credit: Mt. Ruapehu

Turoa and Whakapapa Ski Resorts on the North Island saw a 5% hike in their numbers when compared to last holiday season. On the South Island, Coronet and the Remarkables ski resorts experienced record highs in their daily turnout, seeing approximately 10,000 skiers and riders on the mountain. This record high has not been broken for the last seven years.

The Remarkables
NZ has some sweet terrain and for the time being, the Kiwi’s get it all to themselves! Photo credit: The Remarks

In the face of potential hardship, NZ ski resorts are doing far better than initially expected. Furthermore, for perhaps the first time in history, Kiwis are relishing in the fact that they get to enjoy their home resorts all to themselves.

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  1. Does that really surprise anyone?
    The leadership in their country was far more proactive about cov19 than the so-called leadership here in the US.
    Oh and Dr. Anthony Fauchi is an alarmist according to the latest tweet from the orange stain that occupies the oval office dontcha know.
    So ya people and younger 20-30 somethings be careful, follow guidelines, wear a mask in public do not think you are immune.
    Just read some of the horror stories of 20-30 somethings that have had the virus and after a fee months are still debilitated with pulmonary issues and chronic fatigue etc.
    You do not want to be infected.
    And please vote the orange stain out this november. That is not leadership btw, that is insanity and narscissim at its finest.
    Lets get back to a real democracy (equality fir everyone) not plurocratic republic ok?
    Be safe and well everyone and have consideration for all especially health care workers.
    Peace out

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