New Zealand Volcano Erupted Yesterday: 5 Dead and 8 Missing

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White Island Volcano just erupted.
A volcano on an island in New Zealand erupted today while tourists were visiting the island, killing and wounding many. Credit: Metro.UK

The White Island Volcano in New Zealand erupted yesterday killing 5 people and injuring 31. 8 tourists are still unaccounted for. A cruise ship filled with tourists was exploring the island in the Bay of Plenty when the volcano erupted.

47 tourists were on the island at the time of the eruption. Currently, rescue helicopters, other aircraft, and tourist boats being used to rescue those stranded on the island have been doing their best to save the lives of those trapped on the island following the eruption on Monday afternoon.

Those who survived the eruption were taken off the uninhabited island by boat or by helicopter. Emergency services have so far been unable to search the area because of dangerous conditions, with plumes of smoke and ash continuing to rise above the volcano on Tuesday.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters:

“This is a terrible tragedy, a time of great innocence and joy interrupted by the horror of that eruption.”

Tourist boats shuttling survivors.
Tourist boats started shuttling survivors following the volcano’s eruption on Monday, 12/9/19. Credit: Metro.UK

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