K2, Marker, Volkl, Dabello, Marmot, Full Tilt… All To Be Sold…

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Newell Brand Inc will be selling off K2, Marker, Volkl, Dalbello, Marmot, and Full Tilt.

Newell Brands Inc., formerly Newell Rubbermaid, has just launched a sale for some of their business holdings as part of their new business strategy following the buyout of Jarden. Newell bought Jarden for $15 billion and plans to switch trades, from being a holding company to becoming an operating company. They will start this change by paring down their 32 businesses into 16 operating divisions and use the profit to accelerate their payment of debt.

“The combination of Newell Rubbermaid and Jarden has created a unique platform for transformative value creation, and the actions we are taking to reshape the company will unlock this opportunity, bringing greater investment and growth to our highest-potential categories.”

-Mark Tarchetti, President of Newell Brands Inc.

Source; NJ Biz (Newell Brands)

Newell Brands owns a lot of brands and a lot of outdoor brands, which they're looking to unload. Source; the Snowbrains Archives.
Newell Brands owns a lot of brands and a lot of outdoor brands, which they’re looking to unload.

The selloff makes up 10% of the company’s portfolio and is worth $1.5 billion. Newell intends to sell most of its Tools Segment, Winter Sports businesses, Consumer Storage Containers Unit, and its Heaters, Humidifiers, and Fans businesses. While all these businesses are fairly large, containing names such as Lenox Tools and Rubbermaid totes, the real kicker are the winter sports businesses.


Jarden’s Outdoor Solutions makes and manages all kinds of outdoor recreation equipment and holds big brand name winter companies such as Full Tilt, K2, Line, Marker, Morrow, and Volkl amongst other brands. They also had their hands in activewear including Adio, Ex Officio, Marmot, and Planet Earth. With the intent to grow and invest in their “more strategic businesses,” Newall has put these businesses on the market.

“Newell Brands new strategic plan establishes a clear set of investment priorities, a new organization design for the company, and a sharp set of portfolio choices that will focus our resources on the businesses with the greatest potential for growth and value creation. We will drive growth acceleration over time through more effective and scaled commercial operations, increased investment in our brands and capabilities, and the delivery of bigger, better innovation across a broader set of categories. We will simultaneously expand margins through significant cost synergies and other savings related to the combination of Newell Rubbermaid and Jarden and other cost focused initiatives.”

-Michael Polk, Newell Brands Chief Executive Officer.

Source; Newell Brands (Newell Brand Completes Sale…)

marker1However, it seems as though this has been in the making for some time now and became somewhat apparent when Seth Morrison no longer represented K2. (For more information about Seth Morrison’s cut from the K2 team please see Skiing Icon Seth Morrison…) From a business point-of-view this is an intelligent strategy, but it still stands that these brands are lucrative and well established so they will make for a good bargain to the next buyer.

Seth Morrison
Seth Morrison

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