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Dome House In Siberia

A family in Siberia has just moved into their ‘dream house’. Their dream house is a one-story house built inside a steel dome with a frost-proof PVC shield wrapped around!

The Litvinov family has recently started “live-in” research on a new design of dome living that will study the energy efficiency of the structure and the health of the couple including their cat, Zack. 

Their dream home was constructed in Kangallasy Industrial Park and will test heat consumption in severe climates. The Litvinov family along with scientists will record data and start filming experiences through their vlog. The dome is estimated to increase living temperatures by 20 degrees. In Siberia, this means that outside temperatures will be about 45 degrees below freezing and the dome will be about 25 degrees below freezing.

With dome structures starting to show up more and more this will experiment will provide useful knowledge.  The Litvinov family along with scientists will use this dome to study the energy consumption, the integrity of the structure, as well as the mental and physical state of the family. If the study works, scientists will then further the study to a dome that could fit multiple houses and even try to grow crops in one as well.

Siberian Dome at Sunset

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