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This is a good video.  Powder, Tele-triples, face shots and stomps..  But it’s not the content that I am overwhelmingly moved by.  What speaks to me most is the message this video conveys about knowing when to say no.  It is a very timely message in light of the recent and tragic deaths in the ski & snowboard community.

Jake's favorite winter pastime: sick lines and epic yard sales. I call dibs on the skis.
Jake’s favorite winter pastime: sick lines and epic yard sales. I call dibs on the skis.  photo:  Telemark Skier Magazine

The fundamental reason we all ski is because it is fun.  It is fun because we get to go faster and fly higher than our own body strength would ever physically allow us otherwise.  It is also fun because of the unique friendships that cascade from the act of skiing.  Friends on a powder day enact a group-stoke mentality that causes full grown adults to act like children on Christmas morning–something I’ve rarely seen any other activity cause.

Skiing is special, it is a privilege, and it is a risk, which can be only managed to a certain extent.  Recent circumstances show us that even the most experienced skiers can fall victim to an avoidable accident.  So I reiterate, the most important message from this video is to get educated and know when to say no; it might just save your life one day.

“Beans and Rice Freeride is back for a second season with more backcountry freeride action and humor. Episode one takes you into the winter day dream of a telemark skier who only cares about pow and skiing with his friends. Follow Jake Sakson and crew of freeheelers Morgan Boyles and Luke Lubchenco as they ski endless pow in the sick zones and secret stashes of Teton Valley. Beans and Rice Freeride – it is what hippies eat!”

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