Nike Pulls OUT of Ski and Snowboard Industry

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NIke boots with LED lights
NIke boots with LED lights

Nike is over the action sports industry.  

In 2012, Nike pulled out of surfing.

Last week, Nike confirmed that they’re getting completely out of the ski and snowboard industries.  The big announcement came at the exact same time that their 2014/15 line of snowboard boots and outerwear was arriving in retail locations.

“Nike SB will focus its innovation, design and marketing resources on its biggest brand driver and growth opportunity, skateboarding.  The current Holiday ’14 Nike Snowboarding collection will be the final at retail.” – Nike spokeswoman Jenna Golden told

Nike had been working with Dragon on goggles.
Nike had been working with Dragon on goggles.

Rumors of Nike dropping skiing and snowboarding have been bouncing around since June 2014 when Nike’s financial numbers came out for the fiscal year.  Nike has been growing in all of its key market except its action sports division…  Does this say something about the ski and snowboard industry?  Or is the ski and snowboard industry simply not a good fit for Nike?

“It’s been a pretty open secret.  They’re going to honor and pay out everyone’s contracts that are in place. Sage is already getting some interest from other sponsors, and we’re certainly going to be taking some of those conversations.” – Steve Ruff, vice president of the Action Sports and Olympics division at Wasserman Media Group who represents Nike

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Current Nike athletes include some huge industry names.

Skiers: Sammy Carlson, Gus Kenworthy, Jossi Wells, TJ Schiller

Snowboarders:  Scotty Lago, Danny Kass, Sage Kotsenburg, Louie Vito

“We will continue to support Nike-sponsored snowboarders and skiers with promotional and competition gear through the end of their current contracts.” – Nike spokeswoman Jenna Golden

Nike ski boots were in the works?
Nike ski boots were in the works?

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6 thoughts on “Nike Pulls OUT of Ski and Snowboard Industry

  1. Obviously you never rode in their snowboard boots. They made some of the best boots I have ever ridden and I have been riding over 15 years. Did I personally like that Nike came into snowboarding, no but they made quality shit and had one hell of a snowoboard team.

    1. I totally agree! their boots were my favourite. I stocked up on them because I love riding in them so much.

  2. Nike’s too large of a company to focus on snow sports. Outdoor gear needs to be designed properly, b people who know what they are creating. Nike makes running shoes.

  3. I don’t think NIKE ever had a place in the Ski and Board industry to begin with.

    Just because your company is worth Billions doesn’t mean you know anything about the Ski market.

    They should stick to track and field.

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