NOAA: 2-7″ of SNOW for Beartooth Pass, MT/WY Tomorrow!

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image: noaa, today

NOAA is calling for 2-7 inches of snow to fall on Beartooth Highway on the Montana/Wyoming border tomorrow.

Snow levels are forecast to be around 9,000′.

“Sun 3:15 am: A cool and wet weather system will bring SNOW to the high elevations Monday. A few inches of accumulation is expected above 9,000 feet. Backpackers, campers, and those planning to travel the Beartooth Highway should monitor the forecast and plan accordingly.” – NOAA Billings, MT today

Beartooth Pass map and labels. image: mtdot

Beartooth pass is at 11,000′.

Beartooth pass will most likely close tomorrow for a day or so.

Beartooth pass has North America’s only summer-only ski area:  Beartooth Basin.

Stock image of snow on Beartooth Pass.
Beartooth Highway, MT/WY.
Beartooth Basin, WY.

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