NOAA 8-14 Day Outlook: Majority of CONUS Will be Hotter Than Normal, West Wetter Than Normal

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8-14 day temperature outlook. Credit: NOAA

The NOAA just released its outlook for the first half of August. The majority of the nation will be hotter than normal, with most of the west wetter than normal. Don’t worry, winter will be here soon enough…

Discussion below:

Above-normal temperatures are likely from the Rockies to the East Coast. The Southwest can expect near to below-normal temperatures.

Enhanced Monsoon circulation is forecast for the Southwest during week 2. Precipitation signals are weaker east of the Rocky Mountains but below-normal precipitation is favored for the central and southern Great Plains, Corn Belt, and Great Lakes. Expect elevated probabilities for above-normal precipitation for the western Gulf Coast region and near-normal precipitation is favored for the eastern CONUS.

Increased probabilities for below-normal temperatures are forecast for most of Alaska and near or above-normal precipitation is favored for most of the state.

8-14 day precipitation outlook. Credit: NOAA

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