NOAA California Asks: “Is This A Miracle March?”

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image: NOAA Reno, NV today
image: NOAA Reno, NV today

Lake Tahoe ski resorts have seen up to 128″ (over 10′) of snowfall in the past 10-days.  Does that make this a “Miracle March”?  NOAA explains:


So has this been a ‘Miracle March’? Well, yes and no. It doesn’t compare to the namesake Miracle March of 1991, but this round of storms has put the Sierra in a much better spot than we would have been without them.

March 2016 has brought above average precipitation and snow to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. For example the Tahoe Basin snow water equivalent increased by 188 percent compared to the normal increase in the first 2 weeks of March. After the very dry February this has brought the total snow water equivalent of the snow pack back up to near normal for this time of year. Unfortunately for the snowpack, a ridge of high pressure will be building over the west coast this week with no precipitation in the forecast until at least next weekend or the beginning of next week. Even then current forecasts only bring light amounts of new precipitation.

Additional notes – Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) is the amount of water in the snowpack. This information is the average over entire river basins and is based on remote sensors. The Carson snow water equivalent is remarkably high because the normal increase is lower relative to the Truckee and Tahoe Basins for this time of year.” – NOAA Reno, NV today

NOAA forecast for an "Atmospheric River" hitting CA. image:  noaa, march 4th, 2016
NOAA forecast for an “Atmospheric River” hitting CA. image: noaa, march 4th, 2016

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