NOAA: “Huge Winter Storm to Hit Utah and Colorado this Weekend?”

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Potential Snowstorm

Forecast models are showing the potential for a significant snowstorm to impact southern Colorado this weekend into early next week. Since the storm is still several days out, it is too early for high levels of confidence. However, it is certainly something that we are watching with great interest. If the forecast model animation below is perfect, Monday and possibly Tuesday could be "snow days" for much of southern Colorado. Stay tuned to your National Weather Service in the days ahead as we try and nail down the track of this incoming winter storm.

Posted by US National Weather Service Pueblo Colorado on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NOAA is discussing the possibility of a huge snow storm hitting Colorado and Utah on Friday – Tuesday. We’ll let NOAA do the talking on this one.

Huge Winter Storm to Hit Utah and Colorado this Weekend?

by NOAA/January 27th, 2016

A huge winter storm system may bring heavy snow to the region beginning on Friday night.  This storm may be a prolonged event that could continue into Tuesday.  The first moist Pacific wave arrives Friday night and Saturday and significant snowfall may fall in the western Colorado high country. This is followed by a strengthening winter storm that could bring widespread heavy snow that targets southwest Colorado, but may extend as far north as the I70 corridor.

The following 3 images show the probability of 0.25″ or more precipitation for a 24 hour period.  The shaded blue region is where the probability ranges from 50% to 70%. Notice the blue shaded area covers a lot of Colorado.

5 AM Sat – 5 AM Sun
5 AM Sun – 5 AM Mon
5 AM Mon – 5 AM Tue


The model ensembles (the mean average of many models) show a strong low pressure center over southwest Colorado by Monday morning. The satellite image show the strong moisture plumes over the eastern Pacific ocean.



Monitor forecasts on this developing winter storm that may have significant impacts across the region, beginning Friday night.

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