NOAA: Insanely HIGH Temperatures Across USA in February

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Wicked Scorcha!
Wicked Scorcha!

It’s been a wicked scorcher in the Western USA this winter.  This temperature map tells the tale quite well.

Salt Lake City, UT averaged 16ºF above average from February 1st – 16th.  Whoa…


“We seem to be running out of adjectives to describe this winter, but “incredible” seems to cover it, both in the western and the northeastern United States. Here’s yet another way to look at the very anomalous temperatures observed across the country this February.” – NOAA, Salt Lake City

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8 thoughts on “NOAA: Insanely HIGH Temperatures Across USA in February

  1. Apparently with arctic temps hitting record highs the differential between that and temps in the US is much less and the jet stream is collapsing and cant contain the colder temps. Might have to fire up the rv next winter, if there is a winter, and tour the east coast. I hear it’s going off there.

  2. Notice the inherent bias in the color key of the graphic. Red, orange, and yellow are warm, but green is also normally a “warm” color. So this map makes it look like most of the USA is warm, except for Maine.

    A more accurate map would have just a 2 color scheme like the bottom of this image:
    or this one:

  3. Been bad in Washington this year but It just doesn’t want to snow in Cali anymore. I lived in Tahoe 2004-06 those were deep years

  4. To add, here in the PNW this winter has been bad in terms of snow but we were due for a bad year. It’s been pretty good the last couple of years, enough snow to ski until June at Crystal Mtn, even July one year.

  5. truthfully, salt lake has bad winters since 1997 and a handful of good ones but nothing to bank on.

  6. It’s almost like the ‘climate’ is ‘changing’ or something…. !

    I’m sure there is a term for that?

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