NOAA July 2022 Outlook: Hotter Than Normal Across Most of West, Drier Than Normal in Central US

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July 2022 temperature outlook. Credit: NOAA

The NOAA just released its outlook for July 2022. Expect a hot one across most of the US, and dry in a large area east of the Rockies. The east coast, Arizona, and Alaska may be wetter than normal.

The full discussion is below:

The July temperature outlook (above) slightly favors above-normal temperatures across western Alaska, including Mainland Alaska and parts of the Aleutians. Below normal temperatures are more likely for the southern Alaska Panhandle and the Washington and Oregon coasts. Above normal temperatures are favored over a large area of the CONUS. Increased probabilities for above normal temperature over much of the West, centered around the Central High Plains, and for parts of the Northeast. Probabilities for above-normal temperatures are moderated over parts of the Southwest Monsoon region due to enhanced monsoon precipitation. Lower probabilities for above normal temperatures across the Central Mississippi and Ohio Valleys.

The July precipitation outlook (below) favors above-normal precipitation across most of Alaska including the Alaska Panhandle and excluding southwestern Mainland Alaska and the Aleutians. An enhanced monsoon and above-normal precipitation are favored for much of the Southwest, including most of Arizona, parts of southern Utah, and parts of western New Mexico. Below normal precipitation is favored in the July monthly outlook for a large area of the central CONUS to the east of the Rockies, from the central High Plains to the Central Mississippi Valley and western areas of the Ohio Valley. Forecasts support slightly enhanced probabilities for above-normal precipitation along the Atlantic Coast from northern Florida to southern New England.

July 2022 precipitation outlook. Credit: NOAA

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