NOAA: Lower 48 States See Lowest Snow Cover in 14-Years | Only 4% Snow Covered

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Only 4% of the USA is covered in snow right now. that’s the lowest it’s been since 2003. image: noaa, today

According to NOAA, as of Monday, November 27th [2017], only 4% of the contiguous United States had snow on the ground.

The snow in the Lower 48 is the lowest it’s been in the last week of November since 2003.


Denver, CO may see its first November without measurable snow since 1949.

Salt Lake City, UT is still waiting for its first measurable snowfall of the season.

This map shows us percent of average snowpack. image: nrcs, today

Despite the low amount of snow in the Lower 48, some regions are doing well in the snowpack department (see map above).

Above Average Snowpack Right Now:

  • Lake Tahoe, CA/NV
  • Tetons, WY
  • Mt. Baker, WA region
  • Olympic Mountains, WA
  • SW Montana
  • Most of Idaho


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