NOAA VIDEOS: Official 2014/15 Winter Outlook for Lake Tahoe, CA

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NOAA’s Reno office has just released their official 2014/15 winter weather outlook for the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Western Nevada.  They did it in video format and it’s a very informative 2 part series that covers all you need to know about the coming winter and what we can expect.

Part 1 summarizes the drought situation, what’s up with El Nino, and the official NOAA winter outlook. Part 2 goes into the science of seasonal prediction in the Sierra and western Nevada and why it can be so tricky. – NOAA

These two videos are fantastic as they cover the major issues that skiers and snowboarders care about.  

In These Videos NOAA Covers:

– California’s historic drought conditions

– How big storms work for the Sierra, where they come from, and how much of our annual precipitation comes from them

– What El Nino will mean for us in 2014/15 and what it has meant in the past

– The warm bubble of ocean near the Gulf of Alaska that is associated with the blocking high pressure system that has kept California dry for several years is STILL THERE…

– Use of computer models to predict this winter’s weather

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