NOAA’s December Forecast for the USA:

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Near normal precipitation is forecasted for most of the USA during December. Above average precipitation is forecasted for Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana in December.

NOAA just released their long range forecast for the month of December in North America.  NOAA is forecasting above average precipitation for Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.  They have been forecasting above average precipitation in this zone all fall and they’ve nailed it so far.  Montana has certainly gotten above average precipitation so far this Fall.

december forecast
NOAA is forecasting near normal temperatures for most of the USA in December.  Temperatures are forecasted to be above average in the inland Southwest as well as Utah and Colorado in December.  Below average temperatures are forecasted in far northern Montana.

NOAA’s temperature forecast for the USA in December is showing a few bad outlooks for skiing/snowboarding and snow.  Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado are forecasted to experience above average temperatures in December which isn’t great for snowstorm snow levels.

Far northern Montana is forecasted by NOAA to have below average temperatures in the month of December.

Overall, this December forecast looks best for Montana and Idaho.  Above average precipitation in the month of December will really help ski resorts in those zones get trails and acreage open before the holidays.

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