NOAA’s January Forecast for the USA

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California is slated to get below average precipitation in January.  Montana, Idaho, Wyoming are looking at above average precipitation in January.

NOAA’s long-range forecast for the month of January is showing us more of what we’ve been seeing in the USA.  Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are forecasted to receive above average precipitation.  California is bulls eyed to receive below average precipitation.

High pressure has been dominating over California making for some of the best surf conditions in recent memory and some of the worst ski conditions in that same span of memories.

forecast usa january
january is looking hot for the southern half of the USA and cold for Montana.

What’s most shocking about this forecast is how much of the country is forecasted to be above average temperature-wise.  The entire southern half of the country is expected to have above average temperatures in January.

Only Montana is forecasted to have below average temperatures in January.  

From what we’re seeing right here, you want to get yourself to Montana.  Above average precipitation and below average temperatures will make for some great skiing and riding in Montana this January.

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4 thoughts on “NOAA’s January Forecast for the USA

  1. Road trip to Utah being planned.
    Prius w/ real snow tires – 42+MPG
    (no truck needed-no snow forecast at Donner Pass)

    1. I hear you with the prius. I can get 47 from Bellingham to Baker and back. That said I wished I lived in an actual village like Jackson or Whistler but alas its not for most women.

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