NOAA’s Official March Outlook For The USA

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NOAA”s March Outlook. Image: NOAA

NOAA’s official outlook for March follows the trend of this season so far. If you’re looking for cold & wet conditions, you’re going to have to head northwest. Things are look up for California, as colder temperatures and an equal chance of average precipitation are expected to impact the area. This is warmly welcomed, especially after below average precipitation and above average temperatures have persisted in the area throughout the season.

NOAA’s Official Precipitation Outlook For March. Image: NOAA

NOAA’s Official March Outlook:

Colors on the map show experts’ level of confidence in their forecasts for above or below median precipitation totals. Each location on the map has some chance to receive precipitation that ranks in the bottom, middle, or top third of records from the previous three decades. White areas have equal chances for each condition. Colors show where the odds for one of the three conditions are higher than for the other two.

A common mistake is to interpret these maps as predictions of precipitation amounts. However, dark green areas are not predicted to receive more precipitation than light green areas. The dark green areas simply have a higher likelihood of receiving above median amounts of rain than the light green areas do. Similarly, dark brown areas are not predicted to receive less rain than light brown areas.

Keep in mind that outlooks show the most likely condition for each region, not the only possible outcome.

NOAA’s Official Precipitation Outlook For March. Image: NOAA

Where Will It Be Good?

  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Wyoming

Where Will It Be A 50/50 Shot?

  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • California
  • Washington
  • Oregon

Where Will It Be Bad?

  • The East Coast
Active pattern persists in California. Image: NOAA Sacramento, CA


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