Northern Sweden Has a Snow Problem

Greg Obernesser |
A car buried in Lulea. Credit: The Local

Northern Sweden has a problem with the amount of snow they got this past winter. According to The Local, some parts of the nordic country are facing the issue of snow piles that will last the whole summer and into the winter. Every year, the city of Luleå has snow removed from downtown and other high traffic areas so people can get around town faster. Meanwhile, the snow gets deposited in Porsön, a small town not far away, and the piles are broken up in the summer months to melt.

Map of Sweden with Luleå in the very north. Credit: Thing Link

The 2017-2018 winter in northern Sweden was harsh and deposited record amounts of snow. The new heaps of snow removed from central areas are three times as large. This year, the area saw about 93 centimeters or 36 inches of snow. This transpired into a mound 38 meters or 125 feet high!

Huge piles of snow in Sweden. Credit: Trip Suggest

The problem is, how do you get rid of that much snow quickly in a location that is pretty cold most of the year? According to Google, if you look at the average temperature in Luleå, only (maybe) five months out of the year allow warm enough temperatures for the snow to melt. The town stated that they do not have the budget to fund an excavator all summer to break up the snow.


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